Metzger, Inc. will deliver a proven program designed to:

Identify all project expectations

We will work with your project team to discuss and compile project expectations.  This would include helping establish realistic product/service budgets, completely review and discuss initial product expectations, assess project time schedules and any other project relevant information

Architect and build a complete bid package

Taking into consideration all relevant project information, we would build and execute an Empowered RFP (Request for Proposal) process, for each distinct piece of scope work.

We leverage our marketplace relationships to take your project directly to the material source.  We maintain several direct buy relationships in all of our identified scope work, which provides not only the best pricing, but the capacity to service projects around the country.


Referee the Bid War

Rather than make local providers (installation firms, etc.) compete for a price from a specified vendor, we reach out to every relevant product and service providers in the market.  With several major material suppliers coming to the table, all parties have incentive to provide the right price, the first time.  We work as your empowered buyer, meaning all questions coming from prospective suppliers are contended with by us, as we guide the marketplace through the bid process.

Expose all the options

The market for FF&E and finishes is broad; there are many manufacturers which provide products of comparable construction, and quality.  We bring to you a market basket of goods, comprised of viable options which all meet your budget and project needs.  Our most proactive clients understand the concept of buy first, design second.  This means that our early involvement affords you the ability to provide your architect/design group a basket of pre-qualified products (for cost and construction) around which they can design.

Consult on Product Selections & purchase coordination 

We will discuss with you the realities of the bid responses, and present all bids to you in an organized RFP Results Spreadsheet.  We will work directly with you, your project team, and your architect to help identify the product which covers all the bases; quality of construction, use environment, style/design, and cost.

We will then work through the submittal process, and guide the project team through any pre-purchase requirements.  On many high end hospitality, gaming, or casino spaces, we will work as your direct partner coordinating design specifics, custom strike-offs, and project requirements with the manufacturer.

Product purchase and RECEIPT 

Whether we purchase the product directly for you (Flooring), or manage its purchase in coordination with your contractor (Cabinetry, Counter-Tops, Appliances, Furniture, etc.), we will manage the process through product receipt by the site, and work with the receiver on insurance requirements, and any post delivery issues.

Post purchase advocacy 

Following any purchase, we will provide a full set of technical documentation for the purchased products, to you installation firm or contractor.

We will also act as  your agent to help coordinate any after-sale service issues relating to manufacture defects, and product warranties. 


All told, our process reduces your internal costs, brings you a much larger array of product options (in every scope), provides complete product/bid transparency and accountability, and SAVES YOU MONEY.  

Historically speaking, our involvement provides the above, while saving 15-30% in most cases, or providing you more bang for the same budget.